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“DataViz Competition” bikes count 2022 winners: Madison Bikes/Bike Fitchburg! [2/2]
Counting Projects Data Visualization
Started in 2021, the “DataViz Competition” is co-publicized by Eco-Counter and the League of American Bicyclists on their respective websites and (...)
Mobile counting to monitor various railway stations for mass transit…
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Client: SNCF (national State-owned railway) – division “Gares & Connexions” which manages over 3,000 stations throughout France (...)
“Build it and they will come”: Auckland’s Lightpath hit 100,000…
When the team at Eco-Counter installs a bicycle counter on a new lane or path anywhere in the world, one of the most frequently asked questions we (...)
Bike use soars in the Washington area in light of…
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There are plenty of good reasons to analyze data from automatic Eco-Counters: to assess long-term trends, to evaluate sensitivity to weather (...)
Eco-Counter 2015 Worldwide Cycling Index: +3% between 2014 and 2015!
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Over 218 million trips logged by 1,490 counters spread across 17 different countries: this is the data which has been qualified and validated for the (...)
Managing tourism activity in Aliki Salt Lake, Cyprus
Organization in charge: Larnaca Municipality, Cyprus Size: Larnaca Salt Lake is a natural area composed of four different salt lakes (3 of them are (...)
Following Visitor Data Trends at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Organization: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Size: 101 hectares (250 acres) in central Singapore Installed counters: 17 Counters – 15 Urban (...)

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