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16 November 2016
Mouvement vélosympathique: We’ve struck gold!
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The Montreal office of Eco-Counter is honoured to have received a Gold level certification from Le Mouvement vélosympathique in the 2016 Autumn round. Le Mouvement vélosympathique recognizes bike-friendly communities, businesses, and universities in Quebec that promote cycling as safe and convenient transportation option.

Vélo Quebec created the initiative in 2015, with inspiration from Bicycle Friendly America, and awards certifications biannually. Bike-friendly businesses integrate cycling into their organizational culture and see cycling as a vital component of social responsibility.


Eco-Counter takes pride in integrating cycling into our operations and culture.

“Implementing bike-friendly actions improves the quality-of-life of our team and connects us to larger-scale sustainable transportation initiatives. This is important to us,” added Eco-Counter’s North America Director, Jean-Francois Rheault.

In Montreal, several initiatives, including staff Bixi bike sharing memberships, shower facilities, and a transit-accessible office location, have been implemented to make cycling an easy option for staff. The attendance of the team at cycling conferences and involvement in promoting bicycle culture in Quebec was also noted.

Certification is based on several factors, including providing facilities that encourage cycling, implementing cycling safety education, and promoting cycling as a transportation option. Thank you to the committee of judges and local evaluators. Eco-Counter will continue to promote cycling and bike-friendly initiatives. We received feedback on how to improve to achieve a Platinum level certification, which includes adding exterior bike parking at the Montreal office. It’s on our Christmas wishlist!

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About Vélo Québec 
Vélo Québec, a non-profit organisation, has represented the Quebec’s cycling community since 1967. Their mission: promote cycling for transportation, for leisure, and for tourism. Their expertise is renowned throughout the international cyclist community.

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