Quantifying and communicating the growth of winter cycling in Montreal
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This blog was was originally published by the Winter Cycling Federation, ahead of the 9th Annual Winter Cycling Congress which takes places (...)
Looking back on the 2020 cycling boom – digging into…
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A lot has been made of the 2020 bike boom. From popup bike lanes, trail overcrowding, and a shortage of bikes (after all, ‘bikes are the new (...)
Wrapping up the ‘Atlantic On Bike’ EuroVelo bicycle tourism project
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For the past few years, we have been proudly involved in the European Union ‘Atlantic on Bike‘ project – part of the extensive (...)
Counting the impact of the pandemic on parks and trails
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Note: This short blog post is an article that appeared in the November 2020 edition of Parks & Recreation Business Magazine. We hope you enjoy (...)
Counting mountain bike trail users in Quebec
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Even before this year, mountain biking was growing in popularity. Then came COVID-19, which resulted in many bike shops running out of bikes and an (...)
Pedestrianization – a data-driven approach in Kelowna, Canada
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Across North America, planners, downtown managers and health experts have been working tirelessly to reinvent our public space for social distancing (...)
From pilot to permanent: the case of the Burrard Bridge…
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In this month’s blog post, we are going to step back in time to look at one of our favorite projects ever, the Burrard Bridge bike lane project (...)

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