Fire prevention and knowledge of tourist flows in the Paimpont…
Counting Projects
The Brocéliande region’s ambition is to become a flagship destination for the imagination in France, encouraging visitors to travel through (...)
Montpellier Metropolis: a proactive policy to offer alternatives to the…
Counting Projects
The Montpellier metropolitan area is characterized by rapid urban development and significant population growth. This has led to a strong need for (...)
Measuring visitation to Hong Kong’s natural and urban parks
Counting Projects Data Visualization
To get a better understanding of visitation in its parks, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) of Hong Kong has worked with (...)
Saint-Denis Street Redevelopment: Stimulating the local economy through cycling and…
Counting Projects Data Visualization
St Denis local economy through the ages A major north-south communication axis across the island of Montreal, Saint-Denis Street has been an (...)
Bikes Count: 2023 Data Competition Launches
Counting Projects News
For the third consecutive year, we are excited to announce that we are partnering with the League of American Bicyclists once again to host the (...)
“DataViz Competition” bikes count 2022 winners: Madison Bikes/Bike Fitchburg! [2/2]
Counting Projects Data Visualization
Started in 2021, the “DataViz Competition” is co-publicized by Eco-Counter and the League of American Bicyclists on their respective websites and (...)

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