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Safety policy

Safety policy

Eco-Counter’s priority: to secure and protect the confidentiality and integrity of our customers and our solutions. Our products and services are designed to be as secure and reliable as possible, but there may be times when we overlook certain vulnerabilities.

We offer you a simple, secure and transparent way to report any vulnerabilities you detect, in order to patch them as quickly as possible. Please report them as constructively as possible, so that we can resolve any security issues you identify.

Report a security vulnerability:

To report the detection of an incident or a vulnerability in one of the Eco-Counter solutions, please send us an email at:

This email address is dedicated exclusively to reporting vulnerabilities in our products and services. For all requests related to our solutions support or sales department, please note that this email address will not take care of them.

What is next?

Eco-Counter will acknowledge receipt of your first report by email within 15 calendar days. A maximum of 30 calendar days will elapse between Eco-Counter’s various communications.

Your feedback is precious and helps us to improve. We would like to thank you for your contribution, which will help us to better protect the confidentiality and integrity of our clients and our solutions.

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