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23 June 2022
Eco-Counter at Velo-City 2022 Ljubljana: our summary
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Eco-Counter at Velo-City 2022 Ljubljana: our summary

It’s already the end of the Velo-City 2022 edition! This year again, we were present at the key event of the cycling ecosystem, organised by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), in partnership with the host city of Ljubljana in Slovenia. We presented our solutions for managing cyclists flow and our latest innovations in this field.

For those who could not attend, here is our short summary:

(A part of) the Eco-Counter team on the booth

Introducing our latest innovations by Enrico Durbano, Eco-Counter General Manager

Enrico Durbano, Eco-Counter’s General Manager, was present at the event and presented our two new solutions: Cycling Insights and CITIX-AI. The first one is an innovative solution for crossing quantitative count data and GPS tracks collected by our partner Géovélo, to provide of a geodecisional tool for understanding flows in a city. The second is our new multi-user counter (pedestrians, cyclists, two-wheels, vehicles), highly accurate and based on artificial intelligence.

Watch his presentation below:

Interventions and sessions

In the session “Cycling tourism on the rise, using data for growth” on Wednesday, we had the opportunity, in partnership with EuroVelo and the ECF, to present the latest trends in cycling on the EuroVelo European cycle tourism routes. The analyses show that cycling is really taking off, with a spectacular 20% increase in traffic on the entire network (vs 2019)! We will share the main findings in a future blog post, stay tuned!

Laurent Guennoc présente les chiffres du baromètre EuroVelo 2022

Laurent Guennoc presents the EuroVelo 2022 barometer figures at Velo-City

Attendance data is also used to calculate the economic benefits, in particular to understand the impact of cycle tourism on rural areas. Cycle tourism is indeed a real opportunity and a driving force for the local economy. Stéphanie Mangin from Vélo & Territoires shared some eloquent figures: the economic benefits have been multiplied by 1.5 in 8 years in the Brittany region, reaching €25M per year, and multiplied by 2 in 8 years on the Loire à Vélo (EuroVelo route 6), reaching €35M per year in 2018!

On Thursday, we also took part in a session organised with CIE (Cycling Industries Europe) entitled “smarter procurement for smarter cycling”, to discuss how local authorities can make the most intelligent use of decision support tools such as ours.

ECF Awards, in partnership with Eco-Counter

We were partners of the first edition of the European Cyclists’ Federation Awards, and as such, we had the honour of nominating Charlotte Guth from the City of Paris for the prize of “Best Cycling Progress” during the event that took place on Thursday evening.

A well-deserved reward for the fantastic work the city has been doing for several years! We had the chance to interview her about her vision of urban cycling and her work to transform the capital city of France two years ago. You can watch our case study below:

And of course, we will remember all the discussions that took place to build a more bike-friendly world, as well as the traditional Bike Parade! We look forward to seeing you next year for another edition of this unmissable event!

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