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31 March 2017
Eco-Counter: a Great Place to Work!
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It’s official! According to Great Place to Work, Eco-Counter’s headquarters based in Lannion (Brittany) was ranked as one of France’s Best Workplaces in 2017. This is our first time participating in the ceremony and we ranked 44th!

This ranking is based on a survey that was conducted in December, 2016 that found 94% of Eco-Counter’s employees are considering the company a “great place to work”.

The full list of the Best Workplaces in France with between 50 and 500 employees is available on Great Place to Work’s website.

Why Eco-Counter is a great place to work

The concept of “peopleology” (taking care of people first) is a core value that is applied by creating an “entreprise libérée” (freeform). This approach initiated by Eco-Counter founder Christophe Milon, upholds that good relationships between people is the most important factor in business decisions. And that the success of the organization depends on the personal development of the employee.

Inspired by visions of Isaac Getz, Jean-François Zobrist and the company Chronoflex, Eco-Counter has been following the path of “entreprise libérée” for over a year now.

To ensure satisfaction and happiness at work, while enabling the company to grow, this approach has been initiated to allow every employee to develop their autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit.

For more than a year, both formal and unformal working groups have been created to discuss and take important decisions for the company, such as which health insurance company to select or the best way to deal with our clients’ expectations or efficiently producing our counters.

Some other initiatives have  reduced our carbon footprint, such as reusable bottles and a water fountain.

As a first step towards an ambitious commuting plan, sustainability was placed as  paramount. Some employees have co-organized a “Bike-to-Work” Challenge to invite the local community to commute by bicycle.

Our Montreal office has also been certified as a Great Workplace®. Since 1992 and in 50 countries,  Great Place to Work® presents the results of surveys representing over 10 million employees worldwide.  Certifications for best workplaces are based on workplace excellence, management and the role of trust in workplace culture.  We look forward to hearing more about the ceremony that will be taking place for Canadian Best Workplaces.

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