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6 December 2016
Ridership Data in Calgary: Guiding Decision-Making
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The results are in! Cycling along the protected bike lane network in Calgary has tripled overall since its installation, according to the City of Calgary’s Summary Report on ridership data.

A total of 10 automatic counters measured bicycle volumes at key locations in the network. Target volumes were set for each location and baseline bicycle volumes were measured in Fall 2014.

The Fifth Street bike count location has exceeded its target. Trips made by bicycle increased from 4% to 15%. The bike count display at this location was maxed out on October 25th and a total of 567,154 bike trips were made from June 2015 to November 2016.

The impact of the cycle track on winter cycling was also measured. Four times as many daily winter bicycle trips were made following the addition of the cycle track. The cycle track was maintained during the winter and cleared of snow within 24 hours.

>>Read more about Calgary’s cycle track network on CBC News

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