“DataViz Competition” bikes count 2022 winners: Madison Bikes/Bike Fitchburg! [2/2]
Counting Projects Data Visualization
Started in 2021, the “DataViz Competition” is co-publicized by Eco-Counter and the League of American Bicyclists on their respective websites and (...)
Trail focus: the Napa Valley Vine Trail
Counting Projects News
California sunshine, spectacular scenery, world-class wine, a beautiful pedestrian and bike trail – The Napa Valley Vine Trail has it all (...)
How They Use It #1 – Kevin Stefan & the…
Counting Projects Planner Resources
Today, we are starting a new series here on the Eco-Counter blog. Over the next few months, a collection of posts titled ‘How They Use (...)
Introducing a whole new look for Eco-Counter
Today, we are pleased to share with you Eco-Counter’s fresh new look! One year in the making, our new website, branding and logo aim to improve (...)
Bike counters: how do they work?
Planner Resources
The practice of bike counting through automated counters is well-established. Around the world, cities such as Paris, Manchester, Vancouver, New (...)
The state of bicycle counting 2018 infographic
Data Visualization
As you may remember from a blog post way-back in February, we are a proud sponsor of the League of American Bicyclists’ Bike Friendly Community (...)
Planner Resources: Let’s talk about validation counts
Planner Resources
A few months back, we published a blog post titled Planner Resources: How to Build a Bike Count Program. We received a great deal of feedback on this (...)

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