[Innovation] The PYRO Nano: an ultra-discreet counter for natural environments
Against a backdrop of ever-increasing numbers of people visiting natural areas to get away from it all, take a stroll or practice nature sports, and (...)
Case Study: Using Permanent and Temporary Counters in Quebec City
Quebec City is one of North America’s oldest cities and Canada’s 11th largest city with over 500,000 inhabitants. This picturesque city has no (...)
On the Sunny Side of the Street: Pedestrians Flows at…
Plaza St. Hubert, one of Montreal’s most distinctive and shopper-friendly neighborhoods, was recently named a top place to visit in Montreal by (...)
Count People with the PYRO-Box V2: Product Announcement
The PYRO-Box  is used to count people in rural and urban settings worldwide. Discover the improvements we’ve made to make the PYRO-Box V2 (...)
Winter Cycling Congress 2017 Highlights: Celebrating Successes and New Research
The Winter Cycling Congress is an invaluable opportunity to discuss cycling during our favorite time of year- snow and all! Eco-Counter was excited (...)
Mapping Bike Traffic Data: Revealing Infrastructure Usage Patterns
Counting Projects Data Visualization
A common saying in the transportation world is “if you build it, they will come”. Measuring the impact of new bike infrastructure on cycling (...)
Count Data Best Practices: Building a Parks and Rec Data…
Planner Resources
Visitor count data is an effective way to tell a park or trail’s story. In one case, data helped save a home for llamas! High Park Zoo in (...)

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