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20 June 2019
Unveiling the 2019 Worldwide Cycling Index!
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Today is the day we unveil the 5th Worldwide Cycling Index, a global analysis we are leading since 2014 on all our bicycle counters installed in the world! This highly anticipated Index draws bike count data from over 3,000 automated counters across 32 countries to estimate the overall progression of bicycle traffic volumes, globally, by country and city. The results of the Index have been announced today at the Wellbeing Cities Forum in Montreal – a city Eco-Counter proudly calls home.

Head over to our dedicated section of the website to discover the global Index, with countries and cities figures. Stay tuned as we will continue to feed in more data in the coming weeks, to highlight city-led initiatives helping active transportation grow!

Discover the results of the Index

As always, we are here to talk if you have comments or questions.

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