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24 February 2017
Count People with the PYRO-Box V2: Product Announcement
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The PYRO-Box  is used to count people in rural and urban settings worldwide. Discover the improvements we’ve made to make the PYRO-Box V2 more rugged and resistant to wear and tear.

An improved durable exterior

The PYRO-Box sensor housing, made of strong polyamide, has been reinforced with fiberglass. Resistant against vandalism and physical damage, it will not scratch or chip. The lens cannot be tampered with – an extra protective cover stays in place. Exposure to water and dust a concern? The system is dust tight and has a waterproof rating of IP 66.

Want to personalize your PYRO’s color? We use paint that will not fade in the sun and withstands vandalism.

Count people over longer distances

The PYRO-Box can now be configured to detect the movement of pedestrians and cyclists up to 50 feet away on either side. Perfect for wide pedestrian streets!

“Easy-Lock” feature: Remove and install the PYRO-Box securely

Need to remove the PYRO-Box quickly? Now you can simply unlock the housing from the holder using a key. Move and replace the housing easily- the system remains secure and tamper-proof wherever you wish to place it.

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