European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) Awards: stay tuned for the 2024…
Events News
For several years now, we have partnered with the European Cyclists Federation, the European lobby that advocates for the development of cycling at (...)
Winter cycling in Montreal: What’s new in time for WCC…
Visiting Montreal for the Winter Cycling Congress in February? This year, improvements in winter maintenance are making winter cycling easier for (...)
Counting the Impact of Events: Small Business Saturday
Counting Projects Data Visualization
The holiday season is a time of increased events and marketing efforts. Measuring the impact of events on foot traffic is often a challenge for (...)
Upcoming Event: TRB 2017 in Washington, D.C.
Heading to Washington, D.C. this weekend to take part in the Transportation Research Board’s 96th Annual Meeting? It’s a great opportunity to (...)
Ridership Data in Calgary: Guiding Decision-Making
The results are in! Cycling along the protected bike lane network in Calgary has tripled overall since its installation, according to the City of (...)
Data-Driven Trail Management: Trail Usage Trends on the Great Rivers…
Greenways connect people to natural spaces and urban locations, improving quality-of-life. Pedestrian and cyclist count data demonstrates the value (...)
Pedestrian and Cyclist Count Displays from Coast to Coast
Counting Projects News
This year, several cities and regions across North America installed Eco-Counter’s real-time pedestrian and cyclist count display system, the (...)

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