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3 June 2015
Eco-Counter International Awards: the winners !
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Congratulations to all our nominees and winners for this first edition of the Eco-Counter International Awards and special thanks to Philippe Crist for being the master of ceremony for this event!

Eco-Counter International Awards Winners

Communication Award was given to the City of Calgary, for their brilliant demonstration that data matters and can be a very powerful tool to communicate on better cycling infrastructures.

Monitoring Award went to Göteborgs Stad for pionneering in its use of automatic counting devices in Sweden to measure effectiveness of pro-active transportation policies. Mayor Lena Malm also recalled on this occasion the great ambition of the city to expand bicycle modal share even further in the coming years.

Research Award was given to the internationally renowned Professor Koike, of the Utsunomiya Kyowa University for conducting innovative research on safety of cyclists in Japan and using counters to measure and analyze cycle attendance on the sidewalk and on the road.

Nationwide Data Collection Award was given to the Départements & Régions Cyclables for developing a major nationwide database to assess bicycle tourism in France.

Fiona Campbell of the City of Sydney Council was awarded as our Professional of the Year as she appeared to be for our jury, a strong supporter of bicycle counting, as well as a person who values the data and uses it to argue for better cycling infrastructure for Sydney. As a Manager of the Cycling Strategy for the City of Sydney Council, she also practices what she preaches and is an avid cyclist and cycle commuter.

Finally, a Special Award was given to Nantes Métropole for both organizing Velo-City and having trust in automatic data collection to prioritize, assess, and develop active transportation in the city since a very long time.

Video of the ceremony is available below:

>> Pictures of the ceremony

>> Nominees’ list


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