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5 June 2017
Eco-Counter International Awards: Monitoring Award Nominees! (2/4)
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The Eco-Counter International Awards are now launched! We decided to reward great and exciting projects in 4 categories. After the Communication Award, read about the nominees for the Monitoring Award!

For this category, our jury of international experts selected three great projects to highlight. All of them promote bicycle use with larger scope data collection programs. The winner will be announced at Velo-City 2017 on June 15th.

Monitoring Award

Nominees in the category “Monitoring” are:

[sta_anchor id=”grandlyon”]Grand Lyon

To develop bicycle use, the city of Lyon has recently made some bold moves. These include the implementation of a dedicated cycling network, the reclassification of the A6/A7 highway to make room for active transportation, and even the installation of an Eco-DISPLAY Classic in the first tunnel in France exclusively open to “Active Transportation” (Tunnel de la Croix-Rousse).

Since September 2016, a new step has been made towards a more active data-sharing process: data is now shared through a public website that displays the counts of all the 55 automatic counters installed in the city. Local bike advocacy groups were very interested in this type of information, which is valuable in order to measure the progress made over the last decade. Those groups were the first to communicate positive figures to the public.

And those figures are impressive indeed: a 370% increase of bicycle traffic in 10 years! With an average increase of 15% per year, the city is on the right track to pass up Strasbourg and become the first cycling city in France by 2020!


[sta_anchor id=”ncdot”]North Carolina DOT

With over 70 counters in North Carolina cities and towns, North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is building a robust state-wide counting program. The department is partnering with local jurisdictions to ensure optimal site placement and to encourage local programs. North Carolina’s Non-Motorized Volume Data Program is one of the largest monitoring programs for non-motorized vehicles in the United States.

“North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has worked to establish a bicycle and pedestrian count program. This program will assist the NCDOT in evaluating facility usage over time, inform the project prioritization process and provide evidence to support the “Complete Streets” process, improving municipal and regional planning for active transportation.

In return, this data can be fed into tools to measure existing trends and model future increases in non-motorized trips at site-, corridor-, and regional-levels.’’ ITRE (Institute for Transportation Research and Education – Institute managing the program).


[sta_anchor id=”mndot”]Minnesota DOT

MnDOT has installed 26 permanents stations across the state and has a fleet of temporary counters that they lend to local jurisdictions to support non-motorized data collection efforts around the state. The DOT has developed a data collection manual specifically for non-motorized traffic and has proven its leadership in this field.

“MnDOT developed a statewide program to monitor bicycle and pedestrian traffic volumes and patterns at several locations throughout Minnesota. The purpose of this monitoring is to generate information that can be used to inform state, regional, and local planning and engineering initiatives and to assess important transportation policies and programs such as Complete Streets and Toward Zero Deaths.”

>> More information on MnDOT bicycle and pedestrian counting initiative

Eco-Counter Awards #2

>> Read about the nominees for the “Communication” Award


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