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12 June 2017
Eco-Counter International Awards: “Outstanding Contribution” nominees (4/4)
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Following Communication, Monitoring and Pioneer Award, read about the nominees for the last category of the Eco-Counter International Awards: the Outstanding Contribution Award!

For this category, our jury of international experts selected three specialists who shown a remarkable commitment to developing bicycle usage and bicycle monitoring. It was important for us to highlight them for their Outstanding Contribution. The winner will be announced on Eco-Counter’s booth (2.43) at Velo-City 2017 on June, 15.

Outstanding Contribution Award

Nominees in the category “Oustanding Contribution” are:

[sta_anchor id=”zlatko”]Zlatko Krstulic

Zlatko Krstulic is the Transportation Planner for the City of Ottawa. He has been building up a strong and comprehensive count program since 2011 for Ottawa, a Gold Bicycle Friendly Community. Thanks to him, the City now has a policy to automatically add counters with new infrastructure. He also worked on setting up design standards for loop configuration for different types of facilities, rotating contractors with experience installing bike counters and sharing of bicycle count open data platform.

On the program side and data use, Zlatko often presents and shares the City’s work with other municipalities including data collection and outcomes for the first downtown cycle tracks in Ontario.  In addition, Zlatko Krstulic is very active in providing feedback to Eco-Counter for product improvement, new and custom products, and has been very willing and successful with pilot projects, preformed loops, and many more.

[sta_anchor id=”krista”]Krista Nordback

Krista Nordback has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Geological Engineering) from the University of Minnesota. She has served 5 years in the City of Boulder’s Citizen Transportation Advisory Board and is now Senior Research Associate at University of North Carolina’s Highway Safety Research Center.

Her specific area of interest is Bicycle Transportation. She is one of the top researcher in the field of Bicycle monitoring and has published many essential papers on the subject of bicycle counters’ accuracy, institutionalization of bicycle and pedestrian monitoring programs or estimation and extrapolation of bicycle count data.

[sta_anchor id=”henrik”]Henrik Romsaas

Henrik Romsaas works for Tromsø municipality and has led numerous projects to encourage active transportation. He is well-known in Norway for his involvement in promotion of daily physical activity. He has been leading the counting project of Tromsø, where 6 PYRO sensors were installed to keep track of hikers, cyclists and skiers’ attendance. In addition to this data collection, his objective is also to encourage Tromsø residents to use the natural area not only for leisure, but also for commute – whether it is walking or biking!

He has been very creative in his communication of the health benefits of bicycle commute. He succeeded to attract media attention with concrete (and humorous!) illustrations of those benefits, comparing the tons of butter burned riding a bike versus driving a car.

By combining key figures and creative communication, he manages to get an important publicity on his counting project, and bicycle commute in general.

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