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18 December 2023
Guided tour of Cycling Insights: tools for communicating and animating a cycling community (rides, challenges, news feed) [4/4]
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Cycling Insights, the complete management platform for your cycling network, is evolving. Here’s an overview of the main features!

After presenting the partnership between Eco-Counter and Geovelo, the mapping and bicycle route calculation functionalities, and the analysis of usage data based on GPS data and automatic counts, here are the cycling community management tools available in Cycling Insights!

The Cycling Insights solution offers municipalities several easy-to-use tools for federating the cycling community in their area, and promoting cycling as a year-round mode of travel!

News & challenges

To motivate and inform a city’s cycling community, the Cycling Insights platform lets city officials share key figures on cycling within their territory, such as the number of kilometers traveled, the number of members, or community growth over the last thirty days. These statistics can be shared with cyclists to encourage them to cycle more.

Cycling Insights makes it easy to feed a news feed, creating publications to inform the cycling community in real time: for example, the opening of a new cycle route, new parking facilities, cycling-related news (winter lighting, etc.), events such as bike parades or challenges.

Preview of a form for creating a news item for city cyclists


A dedicated tool makes it easy to create challenges for cyclists, with a ranking of participants, and predefined models, or to be customized according to needs (focusing on the number of km or regularity). Nothing better to motivate community members to pedal (more!).

How to create a cycling challenge for your community


Once again, challenge creation is made easy with pre-designed templates available directly on the platform.

Bike rides

To invite cyclists to discover or rediscover a city, the platform makes it easy to propose and manage rides, which can then be used in the Geovelo application.

This strengthens cyclists’ sense of ownership of the area, and helps to showcase and promote the region, by being present at the right moment: when cyclists are looking for a ride idea and route in the application.

Various parameters can be configured via the platform: level of difficulty of the ride, distance, arrival/departure point, description, type of ride, additional information, etc. It is also possible to add stages to the walk or indicate points of interest!

Bike tour configuration screen

Screenshots of suggested rides in the Geovelo application

Community feedback

Another way to engage with the community is to use the application to report problems on a route, for example, to point out dangerous areas or possible improvements to optimize the comfort and safety of cyclists on a daily basis. The platform can also be used to manage and process feedback from the community.

Report screen available from the Geovelo application

Administration and management of user reports on the Cycling Insights platform


Would you like to find out more about Cycling Insights or obtain a demo of the solution? Contact us now!

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