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6 June 2023
Guided tour of Cycling Insights, our new platform for observing and analyzing the use of your cycling network! [1/4]
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Cycling.Insights, our new platform for comprehensive observation and analysis of your cycling network, is constantly evolving. Here’s an overview of the main features!

What is Cycling.Insights?

First and foremost, it’s a partnership between two French leaders in bicycle data collection and analysis solutions for local authorities.

For over 20 years, Eco-Counter has been supporting local authorities of all sizes, all over the world, in measuring and analyzing bicycle traffic in cities, thanks to high-precision ground-truth automatic counters. Quantitative indicators such as volume, traffic trends, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual profiles are derived from these data…

Géovélo has been developing and improving its route planner dedicated to cyclists for over 12 years, offering a secure, citizen-friendly GPS guidance application and data analysis tools for local authorities. Users’ GPS tracks provide useful information about cycling.

The partnership between Eco-Counter and Géovélo has led to the development of Cycling.Insights, a 100% online analytical dashboard for cycling. It combines GPS tracks and count data to create high-quality quantitative and qualitative indicators, based on a transparent method that has been tested and measured, to provide the most reliable indicators and solutions on the market.

This year, a major effort was made to integrate GPS bicycle data extrapolated from counting data into a single solution with in-depth analysis tools. As a result, some cities now have a vision of bicycle flows and daily commuting (not only for sport or leisure), over 85% reliable and fully GDPR-compliant.

A complete web solution for analyzing flows and animating the cycling community

This observation and analysis platform has been designed for cities and with them, to manage a network from A to Z: from the cartographic management of cycling facilities, parking lots and services, to the understanding of bicycle flows (ridership, journey times, origins-destinations, speed, waiting times and other qualitative information), via tools for animation and communication with the cycling community.

Main menu of the Cycling.Insights bicycle network management platform


Its main advantage is therefore to centralize in a single platform all the dimensions of cycle network management, to develop the modal share of cycling and offer the best possible level of service for bicycle travel.

In this series of articles, we will present the platform’s various functionalities:

  • Map management of cycling facilities and the Geovelo mobile application route planner
  • Usage data analysis
  • Communication and promotion tools for local authorities and the cycling community

Cycling.Insights interface for analyzing cycling facilities


Would you like to find out more about Cycling.Insights or obtain a demo of the solution? Contact us now!


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