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3 August 2016
There is waterproof and… waterproof!
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Water main break in Montreal on August 1st was a real-life opportunity to test again the waterproofness of our counters… and it’s a pass!

At the end of last year, we installed a ZELT bike counter on a bike path in Montreal, to monitor bicycle traffic on a major North-South link. It was expected to be a very popular cycle route in Montreal and it turns out to be one of the busiest cycle path of the city!


On August 1st, this major bike path went under water for a few hours due to a water main break. This left the underpass for the CP Rail tracks on St-Laurent Boulevard looking like a pool rather than a bike path.


Picture credit: Zvi Leve

The break happened around 10 a.m and it took five hours to clear the water and debris and reopen the street. This means all the hardware of the counter stayed under 6 feet of water for over 6 hours.

And yet, after city staff fixed the leak and clean the bike path, the counter was registering riders as they started using the path again.


So, yes, our ZELT counter is waterproof! In fact, it even works under water!

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