Bicycle Counting

Bicycle traffic data is crucial for planning and managing all types of cycling infrastructure. Eco-Counter provides bike counter solutions for every type of cycling facility, from dedicated cycling lanes to mixed-use paths. Permanent and mobile systems are available to suit a variety of project objectives. Browse our product range or contact a member of our team about your counting project.

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Urban Facilities

Both our mobile and permanent systems can measure cyclists in mixed-traffic, on bike lanes and on dedicated bicycle paths. All of our systems can measure the direction of travel, allowing you to analyze the flow into and out of major employment hubs.


For monitoring bicycle demand on greenways and bicycle tourism routes, our range of counters integrates well with all types of facilities - hard or soft surfaces and dedicated or mixed-use facilities.


Our systems are battery operated and require little maintenance. Measure the popularity of your mountain bike trails and evaluate the frequency of conflicts between pedestrians, motorized vehicles and cyclists.

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