Going further with your data

To get the most out of your data, you can count on Eco-Counter’s data expertise. With more than 20 years of experience, we have been able to develop turnkey tools such as the Eco-Visio analysis software, but also customized data expertise services.

Whatever the maturity of your count program, we can help you! Entrust us with your data, here are some examples of the services we offer:

  • Estimation of annual or seasonal volumes from short-term counts
  • Validation and data reconstruction/cleaning if necessary (in case of exceptional events)
  • Creation of customized reports: impact of weather, cross-referencing with third-party data (accidentology, GPS traces, etc.)

Expertise in data fusion and cross-referencing

In addition to collecting quantitative data, we are involved in combining and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data through various partnerships:

  • We are working with the company Geovelo to offer Cycling Insights, an innovative solution that combines GPS tracks and quantitative data to provide a detailed view of what’s going on across their entire territory: origin/destination, average speed and distance, desire lines, and so on. Cycling.Insights supports the various players involved in cycling policies, such as cycling officers, communications managers and GIS departments.
  • To better understand the practice of nature sports, we are also working in partnership with the Pôle Ressources National Sports de Nature, created by the French Ministry of Sports, to cross-reference the quantitative frequentation data provided by our automatic counters with GPS track data shared by practitioners (runners, hikers, skiers, cyclists). The result of this project is the Outdoorvision platform, dedicated to managers of natural areas to help them better welcome users, while preserving and securing the sites, and having a better knowledge of user flows according to sporting practices.

Our data expertiseand services

Volumes estimation

With help from one or more mobile counters and our expertise, we can estimate the annual or seasonal traffic for your city.

Validation & reconstruction

From construction in the bike lane to a snow-plowed PYRO-Box, missing data happens to everyone. Somehow, missing data seems to always happen at the worst possible time - right before a monthly indicator report is due, or when a stakeholder needs yesterday's count data at the last moment. Using an advanced regression model, our team pieces back together your data and estimates missing counts with a high-degree of accuracy

Data crossing

Our experts can also create customized reports for you and use your count data in cross-analyses using third-party data (accidentology, cell phone data, GPS traces).

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