Data Expertise

Take your project one step further with Eco-Counter’s advanced data services

The practice of using automated counters to collect continuous bike and pedestrian data has been around for more than 15 years.

Today, with so many sources and streams of data available, good collection, management, and application of data are foundational pillars of bike and pedestrian planning. Ultimately, what story does your data tell? Our goal is to ensure that your data works for you; to justify the investment, capture usage trends, communication with local businesses, improve safety, obtain funding and so much more.

We know data

Drawing on our experience with hundreds of cities, planning agencies, researchers, and advocates, Eco-Counter is proud to offer a variety of services to enable you to get more from your data. From validating the quality of your data, to layering GPS traces, our team of experts are here to learn about your project and find a solution.

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Our data expertiseand services

Data Validation

Your data is in good hands with our 'peace of mind' count data management and validation service. One less task for you to manage - our data experts personally keep an eye on your count data to check for anomalies, such as missing data or volume spikes. Receive periodic reports on the healthiness of your data if something doesn't quite look right, our experts reach out to you to find a solution.

Data Reconstruction

From construction in the bike lane to a snow-plowed PYRO-Box, missing data happens to everyone. Somehow, missing data seems to always happen at the worst possible time - right before a monthly indicator report is due, or when a stakeholder needs yesterday's count data at the last moment. Using an advanced regression model, our team pieces back together your data and estimates missing counts with a high-degree of accuracy

Data Extrapolation

For those looking to quickly capture bike and pedestrian trends on streets without permanent counters, data extrapolation is a game-changer. Data extrapolation is the process of calculating seasonal bike and pedestrian volumes from short-term count studies using cluster analysis. Reach out if you are interested!

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