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Data validation & reconstruction

Unforeseen events like construction work or a dead battery can generate data inconsistencies. This leads to counting sites having to be excluded, impacting the quality of your analyses.


Why should you validate and reconstruct your data?

To make the right decisions, it’s important that count data reflect ground truth. Data validation ensures data consistency. Eco-Compteur detects counting inconsistencies, alerts you and, if necessary, reconstructs the impacted data.
Save time and resources for your organization, let our team of data experts take care of your data. This service can be provided on a one-off basis, or on a recurring, automatic basis with our Eco-Visio PROFESSIONAL and EXPERT packages.

Communicate and make the right decisions based on certified data.

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Validation & reconstruction, a service also available on request

We can also validate and reconstruct your data on request, based on reliable data. Contact us to make an appointment with our experts.

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How does data validation and reconstruction work?

Data validation & reconstruction with Eco-Counter operates as follows:

1- Our team of data experts detects a counting anomaly or inconsistency in your database.

2- You receive an email notification.

3- You are invited to confirm whether or not the inconsistency or anomaly seems normal to you.

4- If you request it, the team will reconstruct your data based on their experience and an algorithm that uses counting history and nearby counting points.

The result is a consistent, realistic database from which you can reliably communicate and make decisions.

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