Four key bicycle trends in the first half of 2022
Data Visualization
Bike ridership data dashboard has been updated! Together with our Data Services team, we have updated the bicycle traffic figures in our dashboard (...)
A data-driven approach – digging into the numbers behind the…
Counting Projects Data Visualization News
Note: This blog post is an article that appears in American Trails this month. We hope you enjoy. — For park managers and everyday users, the (...)
Volcanic activity and tourism measurement in Iceland
Counting Projects
An intense and touristic volcanic activity Iceland is a world-renowned volcanic country and regularly experiences more or less violent eruptions (...)
Press release: Congratulations to the Brattleboro Keene Chapter of NEMBA!
Counting Projects News Press review
Press Release, June 18th 2021 The New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) and Eco-Counter are excited to announce that the Brattleboro-Keene (...)
One year in: counting a million visitors in Los Angeles…
Counting Projects Data Visualization News
As we’ve talked about before on this blog, since the start of the pandemic, parks and trails have become ‘essential spaces’ for (...)
Bikes Count: a data competition during bike month with The…
Data Visualization News
May is Bike Month! National Bike Month, established in 1956, takes place each May and aims to demonstrate the benefits of cycling and get people out (...)
NEMBA and Eco-Counter: Proudly working together to support mountain bike…
News Press review
Press release The New England Mountain Biking Association (NEMBA) and Eco-Counter are pleased to announce their first ever partnership, to support (...)

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