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2 February 2018
A proud partner of the Bike Friendly Communities program
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Eco-Counter is proud to announce support for the League of American Bicyclists Bicycle  Friendly Community (BFC) program!

The BFC program provides a roadmap to improving conditions for bicycling and guidance to help make community’s vision for a better, bikeable community a reality.

There are ten building blocks that appear on the report card when assessing a bike friendly community:

  1. High Speed Roads with Bicycle Facilities
  2. Total Bicycle Network mileage to Total Road Network Mileage
  3. Bicycle Education in Schools
  4. Share of Transportation Budget Spent on Bicycling
  5. Bike Month and Bike to Work Events
  6. Active Bicycle Advocacy Group
  7. Active Bicycle Advisory Committee
  8. Bicycle Friendly Laws & Ordinances
  9. Bike Plan is Current and is Being Implemented
  10. Bike Program Staff to Population

Eco-Counter helps organizations collect better data about cycling to support efforts towards becoming more bicycle-friendly.

Here at Eco-Counter, we are proud to already work with so many communities that have already achieved BFC status.

Among the 430 communities which have already received recognition from the League of American Bicyclists, 122 are working with Eco-Counter. 1 out of 4 Bronze cities, 1 out of 3 Silver cities, nearly half of Gold cities and all Platinum cities are trusting us to help them count bicycle ridership in their communities.

Congratulations to all communities who acheived or renewed BFC status this round, we are so excited for you!


Want to learn more? Come visit us us at the National Bike Summit (March 5-7 2018) in Washington D.C.!

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