Counts since January 1st
Best Practices for Winter Counting
Counting Projects
Ever wonder how winter weather affects the traffic on your trails? Cold, rainy, and snowy weather can have a huge impact on pedestrian and cyclist (...)
Eco-Counter Index: analysis of bicycle traffic in 2022
Data Visualization
Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been producing the Eco-Counter Index four times a year, which analyzes bicycle traffic in 14 countries (...)
25 years of the EuroVelo network: some data to illustrate…
Data Visualization
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the EuroVelo network, Eco-Counter had the honor to speak on November 21st during a webinar held for the (...)
SuisseMobile: 2021 results of the national cycling observatory
Data Visualization
The SuisseMobile Foundation has created an 11,000km network of bicycle routes for leisure and tourism called “Cycling in Switzerland” and (...)
Damaged or vandalized counter: what to do?
Counting Projects Data Visualization
Work on the bike path? A road accident damaging a counter? Despite all the effort we put into designing durable and robust products, sometimes (...)
Four key bicycle trends in the first half of 2022
Data Visualization
Bike ridership data dashboard has been updated! Together with our Data Services team, we have updated the bicycle traffic figures in our dashboard (...)
Promoting active transportation and reconnecting communities: Check out our webinars…
News Planner Resources
Promoting active transportation is an effective way to create a more just and sustainable world. This includes engaging organizations and individuals (...)

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