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Best Practices for Winter Counting
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Ever wonder how winter weather affects the traffic on your trails? Cold, rainy, and snowy weather can have a huge impact on pedestrian and cyclist (...)
Using count data to improve safety and promote cycling in…
Counting Projects Data Visualization News
Although the number of cyclists in Vancouver is increasing every year, road safety is still the biggest barrier preventing people from cycling in the (...)
The 2022 Bikes Count Data Competition is on – Apply…
Counting Projects News
May is National Bike Month, aka our favourite month! In honour of  this special time of the year, we’re excited to announce that we’re once (...)
Analysis of bicycle traffic in Europe – Q1 2022
Data Visualization
Analysis of bicycle traffic in Europe – Q1 2022 Spring is here! And with it, more and more visible bicycle users (even if, let’s (...)
Understanding the impact of pedestrianization in Montreal
Counting Projects
In the summer of 2021, the City of Montreal promoted the temporary conversion of 14 commercial streets into pedestrian zones. The goal was to create (...)
Counting for better streets for all at the 2022 Safe…
In February, I had the pleasure of representing Eco-Counter as a sponsor and exhibitor at the 2022 Safe Streets Summit in Miami, Florida. It was a (...)
Counting and classifying bikes & e-scooters with our new ZELT…
The growing need for e-scooter counting to analyze trends and uses between bicycles and micromobility There has been a major evolution in the field (...)

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