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21 April 2017
May is the Month of Motion! Bike Events You Won’t Want to Miss
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The month of May is an exciting time of year for cyclists – the weather is warmer and bike events are plentiful. Many events and activities will be taking place from coast to coast promoting active transportation to get to work and to have fun!

Read on for several May bike events to celebrate the season and active transportation.

Cyclofemme, Worldwide, May 14th

On Mother’s Day (US), small groups of cyclists to larger parades will ride to celebrate women’s empowerment. The event hopes to encourage cycling and give visibility to women cyclists. So far, 74 cities worldwide and counting will be hosting this event.

National  Bike to Work Day, across the U.S. and Canada, May 19th

The number of bicycle commuters in the U.S. has been steadily growing. From 2000 to 2013 the number of bicycle commuters grew by over 62% according to the League of American Cyclists! If you are a first time bike commuter, this event is for you. Many communities in Canada are also holding Bike to Work Day event on May 19th. It’s a fun way to try out commuting by bicycle. You could become hooked!

Go Bike Montreal Festival, Montreal, Canada, May 29th to June 2nd

Celebrate two anniversaries in style by attending Go Bike Montreal. This year marks Montreal’s 375th anniversary and Vélo Québec’s 50th anniversary, a non-profit organization promoting cycling in Quebec. Try a night ride in costume by attending the Tour la Nuit. The festival also coincides with Biking to Work Together, an initiative promoting cycling to work.

Bike to Work Day, Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, May 29th

Canada’s national Bike Month begins in late May and runs into June. Many bike events are taking place end of May. Living in the Toronto area? Catch Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area’s Bike to Work Day on May 29th. Start your day with a group commute in Toronto to Nathan Philips Square where free breakfast awaits!

Photo credit: CC, Shinya Suzuki, Flickr

Want to learn about how counting can help track the impact of events on cyclist volumes? Read about how counting can help track the impact of bike tourism events.


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