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19 April 2017
Eco-Counter International Awards: second edition!
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We are very happy to announce that the second edition of the Eco-Counter International Awards will take place in Arnhem-Nijmegen during Velo-City 2017. Do you have an interesting project to share? Apply now and be considered for an award!

The last Eco-Counter International Awards ceremony, which took place two years ago, rewarded the best counting projects of 2015. This year’s ceremony celebrates the unique work of professionals to develop active transportation worldwide. We couldn’t think of a better place to hold this ceremony than Velo-City, the main event for international cycling policy experts.

This event will take place at Eco-Counter’s booth during Velo-City. Three winners will be awarded in three different categories. Categories are as follow:

1. Communication Award

This category will highlight the most interesting counting projects in terms of communication with the public and key stakeholders. We hope to see real-time displays, engaging campaigns and digital tools using open data! If you have raised awareness on bicycle use through interesting communication tools, this category is for you!

2. Monitoring Award

The Monitoring Award will go to the best project focused on before/after analysis, long-term evaluation trends, or global policy development through automatic counting.

3. Research Award

Innovative ways of using count data for extrapolation and related applications have gone big this year, and we intend to reward such initiatives.

Have an interesting project to describe? Apply here!

>> If you want to know more about the first edition, you can read our previous blog posts on the topic.

Want to (re)watch the First edition? Stream it below!

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