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6 December 2017
Eco-Visio 5 – Top Tips
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Last week, we released Eco-Visio 5– the exciting new version of our online count data analysis platform – to Pro license users in North America. The feedback has been great and we have really enjoyed hearing how the new dashboards and widgets have been working for you.

One week in, it’s time to share 5 Eco-Visio tips to help you get the most out of your count data.

Use dashboard templates

When creating a new dashboard, you have the option to load a template instead of starting from scratch. Template dashboards  save you time by automatically preparing many popular data analyses, such as key figures and analysis by direction.

How To: When adding a dashboard, select ‘Template’.


Switch between Google Maps and Open Street Map

In this update, we give users the choice between two different map interfaces – Google Maps and Open Street Map (OSM) – allowing you to fully customize the geographic representation of your counters.

How To: Look for the  icon on the right of the map, and choose between OSM and Google Maps.

Download your data analysis in a variety of formats

Eco-Visio 5 makes it easier than ever for you to download your data in a variety of formats, including as a PDF document, a PNG image or the raw data in .xls format.

How To: Look for the  icon in the top-right corner of your widget, then select your desired download format.

Quickly access individual sites through a map widget

The new ‘Site’ button (top left corner) allows you to easily access any of your counters. However, did you know you can go straight to a site dashboard from within a map widget?

How To: From your map widget, click on a counter location and select ‘View the Site Dashboard’.

Copy and paste a widget to another dashboard

If you already have a widget that does exactly what you want, but need it in another dashboard, save time by copying and pasting the widget!

How To:  First select the widget settings icon. Next, look for the copy/clone button  in the top right corner and select the destination for your copied widget.


If you are looking to learn more about Eco-Visio 5, sign up for next week’s free introductory webinar here! As always, we are here to help, offer advice and share resources with you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Don’t have access to Eco-Visio 5 yet? Don’t worry, the update will be released to Basic license users in early 2018!

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