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20 July 2017
New: Mobile MULTI to count pedestrians and cyclists!
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Our new counter Mobile MULTI is now available! It is the ideal solution to count pedestrians and cyclists for temporary or mobile counting.

The Mobile MULTI has been developed to answer the growing need for cities to collect bike/ped data and classify users without tedious installation processes.

Fully autonomous and mobile, our new counter is also really easy to install! The Mobile MULTI ease of use makes it the ideal product for temporary and/or mobile count programs.


Possible configurations

Mobile MULTI: count and classify pedestrians and cyclists

By combining two unique technologies (PYRO & TUBES) the counter is able to separately detect and count pedestrians and cyclists. The pyroelectric sensor detects pedestrians and gives reliable trends. TUBES sensors and the patented algorithm ARGO detect cyclists with over 97% accuracy. An intelligent system classifies users and analyzes the direction of travel.


Ideal for temporary/mobile counting

One of the advantages is that this counter can be moved to different places to collect more data easily. This counter is very efficient when used in addition of a permanent count station (which will provide long-term trends).

multi mobile greenway HDS

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