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17 January 2018
2017 in numbers #2: North America’s Top 5 Bicycle Counters
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Last week, we reflected on 2017 by showcasing the top 5 highest-counting Eco-Display Classic bicycle counters in Europe for the year.

This week, we cross the pond and check out data from Canada and the United States.  As always, you can explore daily-updated bike count data from around the world right on our website!

Here are the 2017 top-five Eco-Display Classic counters for North America!

#5 – Rue Laurier, Montreal (Quebec)

Montreal (proudly home to Eco-Counter’s North American office) has long been known as one of North America’s leading bicycle cities. The Eco-Display Classic in the trendy Plateau neighborhood counted 0.6 million bicycles in 2017 (average: 1635 per day) – during the summer months, the average climbs to a massive 3700 per day!

#4 – Market Street, San Francisco (California)

Since 2009, San Francisco has embarked on an ambitious plan to increase safe bicycle use and bike trips increased by 184% between 2006-2015.  In 2017 0.63 million bikes were counted on Market Street (average: 1738 per day), and the SFMTA estimates that 82,000 bike trips are made per day in the city (2015 data).

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#3 – Fremont Bridge, Seattle (Washington)

As a cycling hub, Seattle boasts more than 100 bike shops, multiple bike-share systems and the largest bicycle club in the United States. Approximately 4% of Seattleites get around by bicycle each day, and in 2017 0.96 million bicycles were counted on the Fremont Bridge (average: 2639 per day).

#2 – Hawthorne Bridge, Portland (Oregon)

Who says you can’t bike in the rain? Despite 100 wet days per year, Portlanders love to cycle and the city’s bicycle culture is thriving. The count data backs it up – in 2017, the Hawthorne Bridge Eco-Display Classic registered more than 1 million bicycle counts (average: 2828 per day).

#1 – Burrard Bridge, Vancouver (British Columbia)

With an expansive (and rapidly expanding) network of bicycle lanes, Vancouver has emerged as a world-leading cycling city. On the Burrard Bridge, a popular commuter crossing point from the beautiful Kitsilano neighbourhood into downtown Vancouver, the city’s Eco-Display Classic clocked 1.13 million counts in 2017 (average: 3100 per day) – the highest in North America! Congratulations Vancouver!

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Photo Credit: Josh Bloomfield, Cycle City Tours


We wish you all a pedal-happy, bicycle-filled 2018!

EDIT: Please note that a previous draft of this post incorrectly named Portland’s bridge as Tilikum Crossing. While Tilikum Crossing sees a large number of cyclists (>0.3 million in 2017), it is Hawthorne Bridge with the highest traffic.


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