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2 March 2018
Our brand new CITIX-3D counter nominated for the Intertraffic Innovation Awards!
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CITIX-3D, Eco-Counter’s latest innovation, is a wide-range automatic counter capable of counting and differentiating pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles simultaneously. This unique technology – a result of 5 years of Research & Development in partnership with a top European Research Lab (CEA) and 15+ years of industry-leading expertise – has 6 international patents.

We are very proud to announce CITIX-3D has been nominated for the Intertraffic Innovation Awards 2018.

Our latest innovation on display as a world premiere at Intertraffic 2018

CITIX-3D is a user-friendly, innovative 3D sensor designed to count and classify pedestrians, cyclists and motorized vehicles with unmatched accuracy.

As noted by the jury, “The trend for increasingly multifunctional systems was evident in the strongest entries in the Traffic Management category. Whereas in the past multiple devices were required – each performing a single function – now smarter hardware is being built that can perform multiple tasks.” The aim of the CITIX-3D is to help city planners gather meaningful data on multi-use streets and pathways.

A demo CITIX 3D counter will be on display during the Intertraffic event. Don’t miss a chance to find out more about this incredible product!

Come say hello to the Eco-Counter team at Intertraffic 2018 (Booth #12.328) in Amsterdam, and stay tuned in the coming months for more news surrounding the launch of our CITIX 3D counter.

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