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14 April 2017
Six Summer Bike Trip Ideas in North America
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As the days get sunnier and warmer, summer plans become top of mind. Deciding on a bike route to base a bike trip on can be a great way to travel if you love cycling. There is a vast array of routes and greenway networks that offer something unique for the cyclist enthusiast and nature lover alike.

We’ve complied six picks for nature and scenery-packed bike trips. Some of these trails and bikeways are counting cyclists using counters – if you visit you may be counted too! To learn more about counting solutions for bicycling tourism, read Measuring Cycling Tourism: Tracking Trends with Counts.

  1. Route Verte
    Quebec, Canada

Forest road on Route Verte, Credit: Flickr

Route Verte, the longest cycling network in North America, runs through 382 municipalities and 7 national parks in la belle province. From St. Lawrence River to boreal forest, there is satisfying range of landscapes to feast your eyes on. A total of 5.8 million cyclists were counted on the route in 2015 at 45 counting sites.

2. Apalachicola National Forest Trails
Tallahassee, Florida


Credit: National Forests of Florida, Flickr

Take a bike trip down 21 miles of connected trails through the Apalachicola National Forest. Twilight Trail is easy enough for beginners and you might see red-cockaded woodpeckers or Sherman’s fox squirrels. Munson Hills Bike Trail is another popular option for exploring the forest.

3. Legacy Trail
Banff and Canmore, Alberta, Canada


Credit: Eileen Mak, Flickr

This multi-use recreational paved pathway between the Town of Canmore and Town of Banff offers stunning mountain views and fresh air. A real time bike count display was installed in 2013 on the Rocky Mountain Legacy Trail – you could be counted too!

4. Windsor Waterfront Trail
Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Credit: Jo Delli, Flickr

Cycling tourism is growing in Windsor- over 44,000 visits in August and September were made to the Windsor Waterfront Trail. The Windsor Waterfront Trail offers access to multiple parks, attractions and natural areas. The trail connects to the southern-most section of the Trans Canada Trail where beaches and wildlife can be found.

5. Colorado Trail
Colorado, USA


Credit: Pierce Martin, Flickr

Not for the faint of heart, this classic “bikepacking” trail runs through eight mountain ranges and is true roller-coaster ride. There only a short amount of time during the summer when there is no snow, so plan to arrive in July if you want to bike at the highest elevations.

6. Twin Bridges Scenic Bikeway
Bend, Oregon


Credit: Baker County Tourism, Flickr

You can start this 33-mile-long journey in Bend and take advantage of the surrounding nature. The name of this trail refers to the two bridges that cross the Deschutes River. There are also many other other scenic bikeways to enjoy in Oregon, such as Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway, to expand your bike trip.


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