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13 September 2022
Damaged or vandalized counter: what to do?
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Work on the bike path? A road accident damaging a counter? Despite all the effort we put into designing durable and robust products, sometimes traffic data can be missing.

A degraded display, missing data

In March 2022, the Eco-Display Classic+ real-time display installed on Cours Lafontaine in Grenoble was seriously damaged by a motorist (see photo opposite).

The Syndicat Mixte des Mobilités de l’Aire Grenobloise (SMMAG) had to carry out an expertise and take steps to replace the damaged system.

Temporary counting and data reconstruction

To minimize the loss of data during this period, a temporary Easy ZELT bicycle counter was provided to SMMAG free of charge to continue collecting ridership data while waiting for the new display to be produced. 

According to SMMAG, “The Eco-Counter team were very reactive to provide a replacement as quickly as possible, which was much appreciated”.

Less than 3 months later, a new display was installed. SMMAG then commissioned a data reconstruction service to reconstruct the missing month of data (between the accident and the installation of the temporary system). Using reliable and proven statistical models, our Data Services team can reconstruct missing data in this manner.

As SMMAG’s data services team points out, “We had already used the automatic reconstruction feature in the Eco-Visio software for data losses of a few days, but the service provided by the Eco-Counter team allows us to reconstruct over a longer period of time with much greater confidence in the obtained results.”

SMMAG has been using Eco-Counter systems for several years now, in a perspective of active mobility monitoring. You can read more about their use of ridership data in this other blog post.

compteur vélo temporaire Easy ZELT - Paris

A temporary Easy ZELT bike counter installed in Paris

Our data reconstruction services

To ensure that we always get the most out of data and have a complete story to share, we offer high-quality data services. Missing data can result in reconstruction services, ranging from the quickest & most automated to the most detailed and customized reports for large missing periods.

Reconstruction of missing data for the Cours Lafontaine display, before/after

For Arnaud Saillet, in charge of the resource center for SMMAG: “It’s a real plus to have direct contact with the whole Eco-Counter chain during counters operation: email/phone support, a sales contact and also the whole technical and installation part if necessary. The cosmos that gravitates around us works really well.” 

Ask our team for any type of question about these services, they will be happy to answer it!

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  • The subject of vandalism comes up a lot as a deterrent in purchasing counters. I wonder if eco-counter has any data on how often this actually happens, and which settings or types of counters are most prone to this.


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