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15 February 2024
Data Validation and Reconstruction for Clean, Complete Datasets
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In their quest to create vibrant, accessible communities for people to enjoy, public agencies depend on data to inform their decisions. Bike and pedestrian counts are a key piece of this data, providing “ground-truth” for building safer, more efficient streets and spaces.

That said, count data needs to be accurate, dependable, and consistent to be useful. Otherwise, gaps, inconsistencies, and anomalies in the data can lead to uncertain decisions, wasted resources, and missed opportunities over time.

That’s where data validation and reconstruction comes into play. “Data Validation and Reconstruction” elevates your valuable count data by making sure you can always be confident in the accuracy and reality of your findings.

Why is it important to validate your data?

Even with the most reliable of counters, various factors could impact the data collected, making it invalid. For example, a dead battery, a road closure due to construction, or a tree obstructing the sensor. Gone unnoticed, this leads to weeks, months, or even years of missing and irregular data, stopping you from analyzing on a larger scale or comparing one year to another accurately.

Here are examples from U.S. trail usage reports we found on the web:

So, to make informed decisions, organizations should get their data professionally cleaned, validated, and certified. Naturally, the question that follows is: “How do I clean my count data?

One answer is with the help of Eco-Counter Data Services. Let’s explore how data validation and reconstruction can elevate what you can do with your bike and pedestrian count data.


How does data validation and reconstruction work?

Data validation and reconstruction is your solution for making informed decisions with incomplete, missing, or anomalous data (e.g., Data spikes). Here it is at a glance:


When it comes to data reconstruction, we use a proven methodology that factors in counts from highly correlated nearby counting sites. In turn, this gives you a complete dataset you can confidently use for high-level analysis and decision-making. At the end of the reconstruction, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining the results and have the reconstructed data imported into your Eco-Visio account.


In short, our experts fill the gaps in your data set, giving you peace of mind when making decisions or sharing it with the public.


The benefits of data validation and reconstruction

There are several benefits to validation and reconstruction for users of count data:

  • Enhanced Data: You work hard to gather your data, so it’s only right to use it to its maximum potential. Making sure it’s complete and valid unlocks a higher level of usability—simply speaking, your data gets better with minimal effort on your part.
  • Improved Decision-Making: With reliable data at your disposal, you can confidently make informed decisions about network planning, resource allocation, and infrastructure development.
  • Increased Credibility: Having expertly validated data increases the credibility of your planning initiatives and public communications. This makes it easier to secure funding and support.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By outsourcing data validation and reconstruction to us, you free up time and resources for yourself and your peers to do other essential tasks for your organization. As a result, your time savings compound and you can get more done in the long run. If you ask us, the peace of mind is worth it!


Take Action and Transform Your Data

If you’re working with or responsible for a count program in your region, consider the benefits of data-driven decision-making. Regardless of how you decide to validate your data, the future of urban and park planning relies on initiatives fueled by well-informed analyses. Aim for cleaner, more reliable, and more representative data to transform the way you plan, making your cities and public spaces better for years to come.

Interested in our data validation and reconstruction services? Contact us and we’d be happy to have a 1-on-1 meeting!

Want to see data validation and reconstruction in action? See what the University of New Orleans was able to do with validated data on their bike network.

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