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31 May 2023
Eco-Counter at Velo-City 2023, a summary!
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Once again this year, we were present at Velo-City, the go-to event for the bicycle ecosystem, organized by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), in partnership with the host city of Leipzig in Germany. We had the opportunity to get together with industry players and local authorities for what were always very constructive discussions on how to approach the development of cycling, both in and out of town!

We also presented our latest studies based on bicycle ridership data, as well as our bicycle flow management solutions.

Introducing the brand new ZELT Evo standalone bicycle counter

To meet the changing needs and the evolution of cycling practices, we have designed a new generation of solution for the world’s leading bicycle counter: the ZELT Evo, now available in a stand-alone version! This new product was introduced at Velo-City Leipzig, and here’s what Laurent Guennoc, Eco-Counter’s Urban Market Leader, and Matthieu Pelingre, Solutions Manager, have to say about it:

For more details on the new features of this new autonomous bike counter, read our blog article published on the matter.

“Cycling Data: who needs it, who regulates it?

In a session around data moderated by Holger Haubold, Director for Intellectual Property and Data Collection for the ECF, we were able to present analyses carried out on bicycle ridership in 13 countries (the Eco-Counter Index).

Among the highlights: in all the countries studied, bicycle use is up by 11% overall, +10% on weekdays and +18% at weekends, compared with 2019. Compared with 2021, bicycle use is up more slightly: 5% overall, +6% weekdays, +4% weekends.

The session also provided an opportunity for a more general discussion of the issues surrounding data collection, sharing and validation, as well as ways in which local authorities, private companies and associations can work together to make the best decisions based on these ridership data.

The key facts of the 2022 Eco-Counter Index are also available on our blog.

Cycling Tourism, slower can get us further!

In Wednesday’s “Cycling tourism, slower can get us further!” session, we had the opportunity to present the latest trends in bicycle use on European cycle tourism routes: the EuroVelo Barometer. The analyses show a notable 11% increase in traffic on the entire network (vs. 2019). We’ll be sharing the key findings in an upcoming blog post!

Cycling.Insights, the solution for combining counts and GPS tracks

In a 3rd session, we presented Cycling.Insights, our solution developed in partnership with Géovélo, a French company that offers a citizen-friendly bike guidance application, and also helps local authorities to develop the practice thanks to data. The Cycling.Insights platform aggregates the two sources of data (counts & GPS tracks) to offer a unique bicycle network management tool.

Mapping data, cycling facilities, usage data, field feedback and communication/animation of the cycling community: so many useful functions designed to facilitate the development of cycling in a given area.

More information on Cycling.Insights here

It’s not just a bike – Differentiated counting in the age of cargo bikes

Eco-Counter’s latest contribution to Velo-City: a poster presented by Jan Fischer, client consultant for Germany, on the NUErLast project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, the University of Wuppertal and the traffic experts at DTV-Verkehrsconsult.

This project aims to measure the interest and relevance of collecting ridership data around the growing use of cargo bikes (particularly for urban planners and traffic engineers who need to anticipate requirements in terms of layout width, waiting space dimensions, bend radius, etc.). During the presentation, we were able to confirm the need for specific classification of this use, and to share the main current technological constraints.

Note: this need is already taken into account thanks to the aforementioned ZELT Evo, and tests are starting to collect the specific electromagnetic signatures of this type of bike.

ECF Awards, in partnership with Eco-Counter

We were also partner for the 2nd edition of the European Cyclists’ Federation Awards, and as such, we had the honor to give the prize of “Best Cycling Progress” to the city of Heidelberg in Germany, a reward more than deserved for the fantastic work accomplished for several years!


And let’s not forget all the exchanges we’ve been involved in to build a more bike-friendly world, as well as the traditional Bike Parade! We look forward to seeing you next year in Ghent for another edition of this unmissable event!

Would you like to receive the materials presented at Velo-City? Contact us and we’ll send them to you!

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