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31 August 2021
Eco-Counter is a winner of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games mobility innovation showcase!
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It’s official! Eco-Counter is a winner of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games mobility innovation showcase!

To promote France as a leader in mobility innovation for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, 21 projects (out of a total of 120 applications received) were selected by the the French Government’s Mobility Committee. Eco-Counter is a winner in the “Innovations in processes and methods” category for its active and shared mobility data analysis project in partnership with Géovélo & Fluctuo!

About the project

In the global context of the transformation of cities and transportation, some modes of transportation (such as cycling) have boomed. In recent years, municipalities have paid increasing attention to these alternative modes of transportation and implemented technologies to track and support their development, including automated bicycle counters, route planning and GPS tracking applications, dockless scooters and bicycles, and much more.

These technologies have generated an increasingly large (and overall under-utilized) volume of data. Together with Géovélo & Fluctuo, our winning project aims to layer active mobility data from a variety of sources to build a transportation model that responds to the needs of planners and cities who aim to improve the conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.

GPS trace data, combined here with automated count data, is an increasingly important tool for planners.

This joint project will layer existing sources of data on “soft” and “shared” modes of transportation in the Paris region in order to better understand mobility trends. The final project outcome will be a geo-decisional dashboard to enable municipalities to better understand transit behaviour and inform planning decisions on active mobility.

Cyclist behaviour and route choice: 

  • An understanding of route choice by demographic group, such as gender and age
  • Average speed of cyclists per segment
  • Origin and destination preference of cyclists
  • Congestion, traffic and slow zones
  • Road quality conditions
  • Average journey time and distance

Usage trends and prediction models: 

  • Impact of changes to the infrastructure, such as new cycle lanes or pop-ups, on usage trends
  • Volume prediction models for infrastructure change
  • Prediction models to better plan bike-share station location and operation


  • Crash exposure modelling by layering bicycle count data with municipal crash data in order to inform priority areas for safety interventions

Air quality: 

  • Impact of active mobility infrastructure on air quality

Neighbourhood attractiveness:

  • Mapping hot spots in the vicinity of venues during the 2024 Olympic Games events.

Gamification of active and shared mobility:

  • Real-time communication of infrastructure use thanks to Eco-DISPLAYS – such as those installed in Paris on the Rue de Rivoli, Cours La Reine, Bd de Sébastopol and Quai d’Austerlitz – in order to motivate users and support the development of active and shared mobility.

Read more about the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games mobility innovation awards (In English)

Full list of mobility innovation winners:

Theme: Innnovations in dedicated lanes and smart intersections 

  • TransDev Group Innovation:  100% autonomous high frequency electric shuttle service  
  • UrbanLoop: Autonomous rail transportation system
  • Consortium coordinated by Spie CityNetworks: Optimising the availability and operation of dedicated lanes and intelligent junctions

Theme: Improving public space for multimodal use

  • Benjamin CHARLES : AMY Digital Solution 

Theme: Passenger information and signage

  • Mile Positioning Solutions: the Runnin’City application
  • AndyAmo: Pedestrian and multimodal route planner adapted to people with reduced mobility
  • AudioSpot: Connected sound modules for inclusive and continued mobility 

Theme: Transport of goods

  • FLUDIS: The urban port of the future
  • XYT: JO and JP Cube
  • Blue Line Logistics France: Goods on the Seine, The Zulu 

Theme: New mobility and active mobility

  Sub-category: New mobility

  • Mobicoop: Carpooling and community transportation to the 2024 Olympic Games for people with disabilities
  • GyrpBoost: Moovy
  • Omni: Globe Trotter for the 2024 Olympic Games

  Sub-category: Active mobility

  • Géovélo: The Olympic challenge by bike
  • La Ruche à Vélos: Bike storage in an urban environment

  Sub-category: Rivers

  • Hy-Generation: Innovative electric propulsion for ships
  • NepTech & EODev: Naval hydrogen mobility
  • FinX: Wave membrane propulsion 

Theme: Innovations in processes and methods

  • GeoTwin: Innovative multimodal and multi-agent simulation platform for collaborative and prospective projects 
  • Eco-Counter: Understanding active and shared mobility 

Prospective: Mobility in France in 2050

  • Onepoint: The 2050 prospective caravan to imagine and co-construct the territory of tomorrow

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