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13 November 2023
Fire prevention and knowledge of tourist flows in the Paimpont forest (Brittany, France)
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The Brocéliande region’s ambition is to become a flagship destination for the imagination in France, encouraging visitors to travel through time, legends and nature, to extend their stay and come back again! To achieve this, the tourist destination has signed a partnership contract with the Region (2023-2025), providing financial support for its projects, as well as advice and engineering.

According to Ronan Coignard, President of the Syndicat Mixte de la Destination Brocéliande, “Destination Brocéliande has set 3 priorities in the tourism action plan supported by the Region: to promote itinerancy (adapted accommodation, bike rentals, etc.), heritage and natural sites, developed and preserved, and, finally, the diffusion of flows to achieve a more immersive and authentic discovery of the territory“. These 3 axes should contribute to revealing the territory’s imaginary world, and to bringing locals and tourists together.

At the heart of Brocéliande is the Paimpont forest massif, the largest in Brittany, covering 7,500 hectares. Mostly privately owned, it is much visited thanks to its numerous trails and remarkable sites, two of which are covered by Natura 2000: the “Fontaine de Barenton” and the “Val sans Retour”.

But until now, visitors have been little-known and insufficiently informed about the risks associated with climate change: drought and fire. Last August, fire destroyed almost 400 hectares of forest around the Tombeau du Géant, a burial site dating back to the Neolithic period. Since then, the Brocéliande destination has installed fire prevention and prohibition signs, and equipped itself with Eco-Compteur pedestrian traffic measurement systems, financed by the Brittany Region. The footfall data will enable us to gain a better understanding of the walkers and hikers who use the undergrowth, and to assess the effectiveness of the actions planned.

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