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11 June 2024
[Innovation] The PYRO Nano: an ultra-discreet counter for natural environments
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Against a backdrop of ever-increasing numbers of people visiting natural areas to get away from it all, take a stroll or practice nature sports, and the need to optimize the resources deployed, we are proud to present our brand-new pedestrian counter, specifically designed for natural areas: the PYRO Nano.

A compact, simple counter, it’s the perfect complement to our existing counters! So you can cover a wider area, or extrapolate data collected at entrances to find out the overall footfall on a natural site.

Even more compact, as easy to use as ever

Waterproof, robust and discreet, the PYRO Nano can detect users up to 4 meters away. Easy to install and very discreet, it can be installed in a trunk, on a post or a branch.

The PYRO Nano can count all users (pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, scooters, rollerbladers, skateboarders) to easily obtain reliable traffic trends. It is available in 3 camouflage types to blend perfectly into your natural environment.

Eco-designed, it comes with a 2-year warranty.


The PYRO Nano used to understand the use of the Pointe de la Torche surf spot (Brittany)

The commune of Plomeur in Brittany is using the PYRO Nano to gain a better understanding of visitor numbers to the Pointe de la Torche site, and measure the impact of European sporting events such as the World Surf League’s Pro Junior circuit surfing competition.

The La Torche site is a protected natural area in several respects. The commune of Plomeur is currently carrying out a comprehensive study into the sustainable development of the site, and wanted to obtain objective data on visitor numbers so as to be able to make the right decisions.

According to Ingrid Lainé, Project Manager – Pointe de La Torche development study:

“The data enabled us, over a one-month period, to understand the uses and behaviors of tourists and visitors, in particular: variations in visitor numbers according to sporting events and/or weather conditions, including swell, since we’re a surf spot! The trial was conclusive, and we decided to launch a campaign over several months to obtain data according to seasons and events.”

Discover this new product in the video below:

To find out more about the PYRO Nano, contact us!

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