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23 September 2021
Introducing the first ever EuroVelo Barometer!
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This year at Velo-City 2021 in Lisbon – in partnership with the European Cycling Federation (ECF) and the EuroVelo network – we officially presented the very first EuroVelo Barometer. This data index draws on 170 counting sites, across 18 countries, to analyze bicycle volume trends across the network of European cycle tourism routes between 2019 and 2021.

The results were presented live during an event hosted by Ed Lancaster, Director of EuroVelo, and Enrico Durbano, General Manager for Eco-Counter. Below are the main take-aways from this session.


2021 results for the 1st annual EuroVelo Barometer

Overall so far 2021, bicycle volumes increased by 2% compared to the same period in 2019. This growth is driven by recreational cycling during weekends, which increased by an impressive 12% across the network. Unlike weekend cycling, weekday cycling so far this year is down 1%, likely explained by the existence of COVID restrictions still in place across Europe which encourage people work from home. In this sense, it is impressive that weekday counts are only down 1%!

The EuroVelo network is made up of 19 routes, connecting all four corners of the continent. Comparing count data on 10 of those routes across the network, the routes with the largest growth in cycling so far this year (compared to the same period in 2019) are:

1. EV17 (Via Rhona)

2. EV1 (Atlantic Coast Route)

3. EV9 (Baltic Adriatic Route)

Interesting enough, daily use trends are also shifting along the Eurovelo network. Due to COVID-19, the morning bicycle volume peak has diminished, whereas afternoon cycling has increased. This trend was observed on many ‘commuting’ sites (ie. with a visible peak on mornings and evenings) and the trends is also visible on the EuroVelo Route #17 (Via Rhona Route).

The EuroVelo Barometer will be updated each year to present the latest trends, so stay tuned for more! Monthly updates and additional analyses are available in the EuroVelo newsletter, which you can sign up for on this website.

About the Barometer:

  • 10 EuroVelo routes analyzed
  • 18 countries
  • 170 counting sites
  • Extensive data validation performed by our Data Services team

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