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9 May 2023
Proudly introducing our brand new bicycle counter ZELT Evo, in stand-alone version!
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For nearly 20 years, we have been developing reliable and robust bicycle counting solutions. The ZELT range, installed in 55 countries, is now the world reference in bicycle flow counting.

To meet the new needs of our customers and the evolution of cycling practices, we have designed a new generation of this reference bicycle counter: the ZELT Evo, now available in a stand-alone version!

A standalone, connected and easy-to-use product

Thanks to its battery pack and low power consumption, this new version of the ZELT Evo can be installed in any environment. It has been redesigned to be easier to use, scalable, and its environmental impact has been further reduced.

The ability to remotely update the ZELT Evo is an important development that allows for simplified maintenance without the need to travel to the field. It also makes it possible to add future developments or features (new user classifications, such as cargo bikes, for example) via a simple remote update of the product.

Also in the interest of improvement, we have developed a dedicated intuitive application, Eco-Link Evo (also used for our other product in the Evo range, the PYRO Evo). Compatible with Android and iOS. This application allows you to easily configure and set up the product during its installation.

Able to classify any type of user and give speed information

One of the major evolutions of the product, in order to respond to the challenges and the evolution of new practices, is to be able to detect and classify all types of users, and not only bikes. This allows to have a more accurate vision of the use of cycling areas: bicycles of course, but also scooters or other. The ZELT Evo is also able to measure and report speed data in a fine way. These evolutions allow to take the right decisions for the development, by better understanding the daily trips and identifying the possible conflicts of use.

Measuring traffic flows in urban or natural environments, anywhere in the world

The ZELT Evo is adaptable to all environments and can be installed anywhere, whether on asphalt, dirt roads or even under pavement.

This new product has also been developed, like the previous one, with the needs of the whole world in mind, with a product that can withstand the very low winter temperatures of Northern Europe or Canada as well as the very hot temperatures of Abu Dhabi or the United Arab Emirates, or the humidity and salty air of Brittany…

The ZELT Evo is therefore waterproof by design, with demanding specifications and components selected to meet these extreme conditions.

A reduced environmental impact

With sustainability in mind, the ZELT Evo must operate on future-proof and scalable networks, so we designed the product to be compatible with 4G and 5G networks.

A lifecycle analysis conducted identified that this new generation of ZELT counters reduced CO2 emissions over the product’s lifetime by nearly 50% by eliminating resin, reducing external cables, and being more compact and lighter (transportation impact).

Do you want to know more about this new product? Contact us for more information!

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