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1 September 2021
Velo-City 2021: Eco-Counter’s agenda for one of the biggest cycling industry events of the year
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As every year, we will have the great opportunity to attend Velo-City, the international exhibition that brings together leading cycling organizations from around the world! This year in Lisbon, come say hi to the Eco-Counter team at booth #17 to discuss cycling data in a COVID-19 context and share with us your latest bicycle count data project, experience and needs.

Our presentations

We will also be presenting at several sessions throughout the week at Velo-City.

September 7 – 1.15pm WEST (15m): ECF and Eco-Counter present the inaugural ‘EuroVelo Barometer’ on the usage of the EuroVelo network.

To start the conversation on bicycle tourism at Velo-City, Eco-Counter is partnering with the European Cyclists Federation (ECF) to release the inaugural ‘EuroVelo Barometer’ on the usage of the EuroVelo network. This Barometer includes bicycle count data on most of the EuroVelo routes in Europe to compare bicycle trends at the European and national level. Find out during the presentation where bicycle traffic has increased the most in 2021!

Below is an example of data that are being aggregated and analyzed by our data team to provide insightful trends on bicycle traffic on the EuroVelo network:

In the meantime, if you want to see more bicycle traffic trends, you can browse our Cycling Data Tracker, a dashboard updated each month presenting bicycle traffic in 13 countries around the world. More information on bicycle tourism & the ECF project can be found in this blog article as well.


September 7 – 2:30pm WEST: “Set the Data Free: How We Can Exploit Cycling Data to create Greener, Smarter and more Liveable Cities”

Cycling Industries Europe, the Bicycles and ITS project (BITS) and a panel of industry experts and thought-leaders will share their view of how cycling data can empower cities to achieve urban mobility goals. 

Enrico Durbano, General Manager for Eco-Counter, will share the experience on how the implementation of a standardized data platform can lead to more efficient applications of cycling information to help improve routing and infrastructure needs for cyclists.

September 8 – 1:20pm WEST: How can AI (artificial intelligence) improve data collection?

On September 8, Laurent Guennoc, Export Manager for Eco-Counter, will introduce the evolution AI brings into our bicycle data collection systems and the way Eco-Counter and local authorities can harness this data to create safer infrastructure for cyclists.


September 9 – 10:15am WEST: Good data make good policies

During the last few years, many exciting developments have taken place regarding the extraction of data on cycling from ITS technologies, smartphone applications, etc. At the same time, both public bodies and advocates continue to get by with a lack of comprehensive and comparable data on cycling.

Véronique Watelle, Export Manager for Eco-Counter, will present during this session a replicable methodology to combine bicycle data with publicly available data for bike crashes and improve bicycle safety overall. This presentation will draw upon a study completed with the City of Quebec, Canada.

 Technical visits and announcements

In addition to these official presentations, a special announcement will be made at Eco-Counter’s booth (#17) on September 6 at 1.15pm WEST regarding bicycle data collection, layering extrapolation. Stay tuned!

A full detailed conference program is available on Velo City 2021 website

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