To measure the tourist success of this attraction, two counters have been installed on each side of the footbridge, as well as a car counter to measure the number of visitors to the parking lot.

30,000 visits in the first month

During the first 19 days following the opening, between April 14 and May 2, 14,000 people passed by on the Grazac side and 14,000 on the Saint-Maurice side, for a total of 28,000 passages.

The analysis of the data reveals peaks in attendance during the Easter vacations, but also on long weekends (Ascension and Pentecost). The flow decreases in June.

Peaks on Sundays

In July and August, 38,571 people passed through Grazac and 27,300 through Saint-Maurice. The number of visitors is higher in August, with a significant peak on the weekend of August 15 (nearly 3,000 per day), as well as a large number of visitors on Sundays.

In total, up to November 7, the last figures recorded, 156,150 people passed on the footbridge with a preference for the Grazac side (+16%), a major success for this new tourist attraction!

More information on the website of the Office de Tourisme des Sucs aux abords de Loire