Eco-Counter supplies counting systems for recording pedestrian flows in the city of Leipzig. The first test was at the end of July.

Leipzig already does it with motor vehicles and bicycles, now pedestrians followed – and are counted. The test started on both sides of Gutav-Freytag-Strasse in Connewitz. PYRO boxes were installed there at the end of July. These “wandered” through the city area: For three months, pedestrian traffic was recorded at six locations, with the devices being mounted somewhere else every two weeks.

Pedestrian traffic: There’s still more to be done!

In this way, the city wants to focus on relevant pedestrian traffic flows and the “importance of pedestrian traffic citywide,” explains Friedemann Goerl, Leipzig’s pedestrian traffic officer. By means of the PYRO boxes, the number of people is recorded via passive infrared, i.e. via body heat. The data is recorded at 15-minute intervals and transmitted once a day to the Eco Visio evaluation software.

Continuous counts will be made of the peak times at which pedestrians are on the move at various points in the city, as well as daily, weekly and seasonal trends. The project is part of the pedestrian traffic strategy of the city of Leipzig, which also wants to use the counting points to evaluate upcoming measures for pedestrian traffic.

About the PYRO pedestrian counter by Eco-Counter

The PYRO boxes used in the Leipzig count provide accurate counts, and are the ideal solution for temporary or long-term people counting projects in urban areas. Hourly, daily or monthly trends can be determined via the user-friendly Eco Visio software.

The PYRO counters are robust, waterproof and battery powered – ideal for outdoor areas. Maintenance is also possible remotely, and the battery lasts for two years.