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Throughout the world, the development of smart cities is accompanied by a desire to promote active transportation (cycling/walking), which guarantees a higher quality of life. This ambitious progress cannot be achieved without substantial investments and without measuring the results obtained, both in terms of modal share and investment performance.

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ComEthEasily integrate your data

ComEth is a new generation of data logger, specially designed for the urban environment. Combining the experience and Eco-Counter latest technology, ComEth meets the requirements, standards and communication protocols of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). This data logger accurately records and transmits time-stamped count data in real time via an Ethernet/IP.

This data logger allows for easy remote maintenance and sensor settings. ComEth has been designed to interface with all the sensors of the Eco-Counter range, and with the Eco-Visio data analysis platform.

Communicatereal-time data

With the Eco-DISPLAY Classic, you can highlight your cycling policy. This visible and fun display allows you to show in real time the daily, monthly or annual bike traffic. It engages the community and allows you to share the good traffic figures with the public!

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