[Innovation] The PYRO Nano: an ultra-discreet counter for natural environments
Against a backdrop of ever-increasing numbers of people visiting natural areas to get away from it all, take a stroll or practice nature sports, and (...)
23 Key Figures for 2023!
Just like that, 2023 is over! To take stock of 2023, we’d like to share a few key figures with you.  Trends for global cycling Our 2023 (...)
Bikes Count Data Competition 2023 Winner: University of New Orleans!
Data Visualization
The following is an altered version of an original post by Amelia Neptune and our friends at the League! How can data tell the story of cycling in (...)
Guided tour of Cycling Insights: tools for communicating and animating…
Cycling Insights, the complete management platform for your cycling network, is evolving. Here’s an overview of the main features! After (...)
Fire prevention and knowledge of tourist flows in the Paimpont…
Counting Projects
The Brocéliande region’s ambition is to become a flagship destination for the imagination in France, encouraging visitors to travel through (...)
7 tips for effective pedestrian and bicycle count data analysis
Planner Resources
There’s nothing more exciting than when your count data starts showing clear, predictable patterns of what’s happening on your streets or (...)
Montpellier Metropolis: a proactive policy to offer alternatives to the…
Counting Projects
The Montpellier metropolitan area is characterized by rapid urban development and significant population growth. This has led to a strong need for (...)

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