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[Innovation] The PYRO Nano: an ultra-discreet counter for natural environments
Against a backdrop of ever-increasing numbers of people visiting natural areas to get away from it all, take a stroll or practice nature sports, and (...)
European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) Awards: stay tuned for the 2024…
Events News
For several years now, we have partnered with the European Cyclists Federation, the European lobby that advocates for the development of cycling at (...)
EuroVelo cycle tourism network attendance: results for 2023!
Data Visualization
As in previous years, in partnership with the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), we have carried out an unprecedented analysis of visitor (...)
Big Data and Automated Counters: Diving into Data Fusion
Planner Resources
Transportation professionals are always looking for innovative solutions to improve their networks for the benefit of their citizens. One trending (...)
Big Data and Automated Counters: What Are They?
Planner Resources
The numbers are clear: People are cycling more than ever before. According to a biennial report by People For Bikes, 108 million Americans chose to (...)
Data Validation and Reconstruction for Clean, Complete Datasets
Data Visualization
In their quest to create vibrant, accessible communities for people to enjoy, public agencies depend on data to inform their decisions. Bike and (...)
Bicycle Traffic in 2023: A Plateau for Cycling?
Data Visualization
The 2023 data is out! Since 2020, we’ve been publishing data on cycling practices in 14 countries to follow the evolution of bicycle traffic (...)

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